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Me by Lyra

May 2011

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Me by Lyra

Friends Only

So, I went Friends Only on LJ. While I'd started LJ with the idea that I had nothing to hide - and I still don't - there's such a thing as not advertising, either. At some point I'll put up a banner or something, I guess? It's kind of weird and impulsive, but I don't know. The idea of leaving all my random thoughts and rants and writings open to everyone on earth is a lot less appealing than it used to be.


Maybe you'll change your mind again. Whatever you end up doing, it's your decision. It's your journal. Do with it as you please.

I will say I do enjoy keeping up with you.
Aw. I might post more of an explanation soon. Basically, I've got big news that I haven't shared from not wanting everyone in the world to know.
Since I am not on your F-list, I will miss reading your updates on your awesome weight loss and will surely miss seeing Milo grow up.

I came to your LJ years ago via your D/G writing but I have loved reading your posts. Thank you for letting your fans a glimpse into all that is Shar!
Who's not on my flist? (Seriously, I hadn't realized you weren't. ^^;;)
YAY, I am now! My LJ just mainly consists of my Tweet feed. I pretty much post my life on Facebook. If you want to add me on fb, I am facebook.com/andi822
I did, but my fb is pretty much games and the occasional expostulation.

I don't have a banner...

Did you need one?

Nope. Folks can only see what you allow them to. You still aren't "announcing" that it is FO. It simply is. :)

Going to be sad to no longer be able to see your posts, especially the inspirational ones about weight loss. At least there's still the D/G site for occasional updates :D
The banner is mainly a post where people can ask to be added. Might be a good idea, you have a lot of readers that are not your friends.
I'm not a Friend either, so I'll miss reading about your goings on too - good luck with everything though!
Is there a way to make a mass "friends only" lock on all your posts? I've considered it from time to time as well, but the thought of manually going through all my posts makes me want to /wrists
I'm another non-friend, although I'd like to be! I've really enjoyed getting to know you, here and at 2ormore!
Hi there I stumbled across your journal via appleceded's page and was working my way through your amazing list of draco/ginny fic recs when I find you've gone friends only. Eeek! Any chance of letting me be your virtual chum so I can continue through your definitive list?
Hi, found your name on a Lucius/Narcissa rec list, but can't find working links to your fics. Do you post them here? May I read? ;)
I was going through my memories for D/G fic and I wanted to access the Classic Short Story Polls and Classic Long Story Polls. They have a bunch of great links. But as I'm not on your flist, I can't access them anymore. Could I be added or maybe the posts be made public? If not, no worries. I don't want to be pushy. :) Thanks.